How analytics is evolving the Brazilian retail space

The features and situation of retail companies in Brazil are gradually changing: new resources and tools are being implemented in this field in order to boost growth. The need for meeting customer requirements and prospects together with the streamlining of business processes has promoted the introduction of data analytics in retail space.


Data Analytics is used nowadays in all stages of retail procedures, such as in sale and demand predictions, performing a correct supply chain management and tracking products. Everything is based on clever retail analytics tracking.

Turning point for retail future

Traditionally, Brazilian retail industry has had a continuous history and it has recently been transformed by the introduction of new resources. Retail analytics is the most important of these means. This change has had such an impact that Brazilian retail is currently at the same level of the procedures of any international retail chain. Even daily operations have been improved due to retail analytics.

In conclusion, it is essential to adopt a satisfying program in this field which meet all the requirements of companies when it comes to retail operations.

Different types of data integration

Big data and hybrid architecture are some of the tools that retail analytics mechanism takes advantage of, favouring this way flawless data integration. Social media networks, apps, RFID tags are some devices that retailers may adopt in their processes to achieve simple data integration, associating products with a SKU code

Prospective through retail analytics

Decision making is streamlined when retail analytics is used in an efficient way, by using modelling capability forecasting procedures. These processes will allow retailers to have a role in the current competitive industry which is deeply competitive.


Data visualisation patterns

Data visualisation patterns are extremely useful for retail companies since they allow them to have an important insight of the business field. Retail companies might be able to share the data with all the staff and supervisors in order to achieve a greater performance.

Self-service analytics: simple to perform

Retailers are able to take the best decisions in their business thanks to data analytics, which conveys data trends and all type of forecast. As a result, retailers will be absolutely informed about the outcomes of every possible decision to take.


Data uncovering

One of the main reasons for the importance of retail data analytics in Brazil is that it has proved to be the best resource to uncover data which is derived from trends in every field of this industry, such as in marketing, supply chain management, stock, etc. Every one of these sections can take advantage of the retail analytics tracking procedures.

The role of retail analytics in commercialization

Retail analytics provides information about correct product choices. The reason why some products are more eye-catching and attractive for customers is the interpretation of data that retail analytics offers. When it comes to the display of products in stores, either physical or online, the correct choice can result in increased sales.
Information about location and also the appropriate moment to stock some products are examples of the priceless data that retail analytics can present in order to provide the retailer with different and varied options in aspects such as stock products, space distribution, or product closeness to increase sales and therefore achieve growth in their business

Supply chain procedures

Retailers are aware of the fact that it is extremely important to lay supplies in, reducing business inactivity in order to boost sale opportunities. Retail analytics procedures are adapted to each kind of retail business so as to meet their requirements regarding supply chain processes. GPS is one of the useful systems that allow the tracking of goods, providing logistical prospects. Stocking and supplier performance are devices which grant retailers to make the best decisions in terms of guaranteeing low or reduced out-of-stock situations.

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Storing operations

There are some procedures regarding store operations that should be taken into account when improving the efficiency of retailer business. The correct management of workers, locations and products can be achieved by retail analytics program. Devices such as sensors that inform about inventory levels or restock shelves systematically when the stocks are low can be some great results retailers achieve when they introduce a quick analytics model. The development of the Internet of Things may provide retailers with useful help like up-to-the-minute data about the appropriateness or condition of products or allow customers to buy their products online.


As a conclusion, retail analytics is one of the most profitable ways to boost retailers’ sales and efficiency in their business. The example of Brazilian retail industry can show that retail analytics can become a turning point and it will probably continue to do so in the future, since technology is a continuously developing field.

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