Organizational design as core of the strategy


It is difficult to meet the requirements and expectations of the stakeholders due to an underperformance. An appropriate alignment of the company’s strategy and all the organizational parts is needed to achieve success. BlueLake face this situation with innovative operating models, which are adapted to the market economics and tailored for every company.

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The different aspects in which we help our clients with an excellent alignment are:


  • Bearing in mind the challenges of transformation, we ensure the alignment in terms of both the formal and informal aspects.


  • Diagnose and comprehend the structure of the organization to provide effectiveness.


  • Design the approach and plans for the company and the roles and capabilities that are needed.


  • Arrange the operating model in the most helpful way to provide the best business strategy.


  • Realize and enhance the leaders in order to achieve the necessary change, allowing the success in the quickest way.

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